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Benhall Farm offers you a taste of the unique atmosphere of a traditional working English farm. Simon ran the farm with his parents until 2001 when he took on the tenancy from his Father. The farm is part of the Duchy of Cornwall Estate purchased in 2000. It comprises approximately 350 acres, with 100 acres added from a neighbouring farm in 2003.

Simon is helped on the farm by our sons, John & Peter who are partners in the business

The dairy comprises of 100 milking cows, which are milked through 2 robots installed in late 2023

all replacements are homebred. If you would like to see the milking please ask

Calves are usually reared to 18 months and then sold at the local market.

The arable land grows winter wheat, winter and spring barley, some of which is home mixed to feed our livestock, the remainder is sold to feed merchants. Forage maize is also grown to feed the stock as part of the winter diet, along with grass silage.

In 2017 John married Caroline Rank on Saturday 27th May on Sunday 18th March 2018 William John Henry was born. On  Saturday 9th May  2020 Edward Michael was born on Wednesday 17th May 2023 Arthur George was born

Also in 2017 Peter Married Laura Williams on Saturday 24th June on Tuesday 16th April 2019 Imogen Grace was born. On Tuesday 4th May 2021 Edith Harper was born

We are pleased to welcome Caroline, Laura , William, Imogen, Edward, Edith & Arthur to our family & so to the next generation

Benhall Farm
Benhall Farm
Benhall Farm
Benhall Farm
Benhall Farm, Wilton, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 6AG
T: 01989 563900 / M: 07900 264612 / E: info@benhallfarm.co.uk
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